Every second counts

when it comes to saving lives 

About Measure FD

Measure FD will provide additional resources for local 911 Fire and increased emergency medical response and rescue. 

Why we need Measure FD

Today’s fast-moving historically-large wildfires are unpredictable and dangerous. Local firefighters and paramedics are using decades-old equipment including fire engines, trucks, and an unreliable 30-year 911 communications system.  

What is Measure FD? 

If approved by local voters, Measure FD would authorize L.A. County Fire to levy a tax of 6 cents/square foot of structural improvements on all taxable improved parcels (including business and residential properties), up to 100,000 square feet, excluding the square footage of improvements used for parking, limited to 2% annual inflation adjustment, generating $134 million per year, to hire more firefighters and paramedics, replace and upgrade outdated emergency communications systems and old rescue vehicles and equipment. Low-income seniors (65+) who are property owners may apply for an exemption.

Measure FD will 


· Emergency tools (like Jaws of Life) to rescue trapped car accident victims, replace defibrillators and other emergency medical response equipment and provide emergency medication

· Increase the number of firefighter/paramedics on duty

· Thermal image cameras to locate and rescue vulnerable citizens unable to evacuate on their own

· Real-time mapping software and other advanced technology and upgrade 911 dispatch center computer technology to improve response times





Paid for by Firefighters and Neighbors for Safer Communities – Yes on Measure FD, Sponsored by Los Angeles County Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 1014. Committee major funding from:

Los Angeles County Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 1014, Committee for Stronger and Safer Neighborhoods – Supervisor Janice Hahn Ballot Measure Committee